Merades millennial best extra virgin olive oil in Catalonia

Merades Millennial:

Chosen as one of the 5 best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in Catalonia.

(Awards Barcelona Catalunya Selecció)


Tasting it is enjoying a unique gastronomic experience, and at the same time an act of commitment to the land and the people who have been working on it for centuries, to open a historical window directly to our roots. Because with every drop of this oil that you take, you are helping to preserve these natural monuments.

This olive oil comes from certified trees that are at least 1000 years old.



On the Spanish Mediterranean coast, in an area where the territories of Catalonia, Aragon and Valencia meet, you will discover the largest concentration of thousand-year-old olive trees in the world.

In this territory, the Mancomunidad de la TAULA del SÉNIA was created in 2003, an entity that groups 27 towns from three different autonomous communities (Catalonia, Valencian Community and Aragon), all of them located around the Natural Park of Els Ports de Beseit.

Godall, the town where Merades oil is produced, is located in the center of the Montsià region (south of Catalonia), which also includes the well-known Delta del Ebro Natural Park (one of the most important aquatic habitats in the Mediterranean). This strategic position between the two Natural Parks gives rise to a combination of plains and mountains on one side and our beloved Mediterranean Sea on the other, which generates warm summers and mild winters, with moderate rains in spring and autumn.

It is a perfect climate for the growth and maturation of the olive.
Around our crops, different types of aromatic flowers grow (thyme, oregano, tarragon, rosemary, orange …) that add a sophisticated combination of secondary aromas to our olive oils.

This land’s temperate climate and rich soils have seen over the centuries many different cultures that came and went driven by the flow of historical events. Many of them left their mark, which has survived over time and has become part of our own culture. Among other things, the cultivation and consumption of olive oil.



We are involved in the protection of the ancient olive trees present in the Montsià region (Catalonia – Spain). There are around 200 certified millennial olive trees under the direct responsibility of the Merades Millennial growers.

Once recovered for production, we offer you “MERADES MILLENNIAL”, a Premium Quality extra virgin olive oil made exclusively with Farga variety olives from certified olive trees that are at least a thousand years old.

The entire process is controlled and certified by La taula del Sénia, an official joint body dependent on the EU.


All MERADES oils are home-grown and traditionally cultivated.


Our crops are traditional, not intensive. Trees have their space, they are large and many of them multisecular, which forces us to follow traditional methodologies, but which at the same time guarantee that the olives maintain the highest levels of quality.


MERADES manages its own mill, ensuring that the entire production process (harvest-grinding-packaging) is carried out in less than 24 hours. This factor is essential to ensure the quality of the resulting oil.


To ensure the correct traceability of our products, we directly manage all the cultivation, harvesting, production and distribution procedures. Without intermediaries.


Olive groves have been a part of our landscape since the beginning of our historical era.

It is considered that Romans, who consumed an average of 12 liters per capita annually in the 1st century AD. (mainly imported from the provinces of were introduced for the first time by the Greeks, and highly appreciated by the ancient Hispania). During the Roman Empire, the Ebro river was already known as “Oleum Flumen” (river of oil). The oldest tree dates from this time (4th century).

The Arab conquerors were also consumers of olive oil, further spreading olive cultivation. In fact, most of today’s ancient trees were planted during this time (8th to 10th centuries). We have been oil producers for over a thousand years. Trust our experience.